Check out some of these online submissions below and also read some of our many, many amazing Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews that we have collected from our satisfied patients!


Dr. Landon is absolutely amazing, and I recommend him to everyone that could possibly benefit from his services. I thank God I found him as he is extremely knowledgeable, genuine and honest. I’ve seen him various times over the years for migraines and back pain and I can honestly say that he is a true healer! Acupuncture has changed my life!!!


Highly recommend Dr Yelverton for Acupuncture. She is very skilled, knowledgeable and experienced! She has provided excellent care, which has been a tremendous help in improving my quality of life and reducing symptoms.


I have been a patient of Dr Yelverton for many years, as well as having the privilege to work with her throughout the years. I was receiving regular acupuncture from her which was simply amazing. She treated me with acupuncture for physical and emotional issues after the death of my daughter. I am not sure I would have made it through that period of my life without her! I am now also receiving Reiki therapy from her. With just a few treatments, I am sleeping better and more energized. I cannot say enough about Dr Yelverton and these treatment modalities. They are life changing and Dr Yelverton is the most caring and skilled provider I have experienced.


I have been a patient of Dr. Robert Herbst for many years. He is one of the best doctors, very professional, understanding, and caring. He has helped me twice on my journeys to becoming a mom and I am eternally grateful for his time and care. He has also helped my mom with her arthritis pain. The staff at the wellness center is always accommodating in terms of scheduling and check in’s are seamless, they are very nice and professional. I highly recommend Dr. Herbst and the wellness center!


Dr Robert Herbst was highly recommended by Dr Roseff back in March. I have been seeing him weekly since then. He is very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. I couldn’t have asked for a better acupuncturist. I have also recommended him to everyone and anyone who may be seeking help with alternative medicine. I always feel very calm and relaxed when I leave. Thank you for everything! I will see you again this summer!


Dr. Adam is extremely passionate at what he does. He makes you feel comfortable and listens to your wants and needs. He coaches you throughout the entire process, shows you areas of concern and in detail how he will be able to correct it. I’m grateful to have been recommended to him!

I was recommended to Care wellness center in Margate! I called to schedule an appointment which was great for me after work. My first experience was how clean the facility is, the staff at the window was very pleasant so right away I realize I at a good place. I was shown a room to go where the Dr. would see me. After few minutes Dr. Robert came in introduced himself and I explained to him what was happening, and he said OKAY this is what I am going to do. By the way Dr. Robert is an Acupuncturist great and friendly Dr. Make a long story short I got my treatment done I felt very good after my treatment Dr Robert even give me the name of a gadget to buy to help with my back pain which is so helpful at home whenever I have a little ache. So, I went home, and I was yawning i meant sleep yawning and I end up going to my bed and slept without waking up. That meant the world to me because I am a poor sleeper. So, folks if you’re looking for a great and friendly and very clean place to get help for your pain etc., please go to Care wellness center in Margate. I am speaking about My Dr Robert Acupuncturist, and I imagine the other Dr’s are wonderful too. Dr Robert even send a text to see how I felt the next day. Great Dr and beautiful environment. Go see him if you need Acupuncture.
Dr. Adam is caring, compassionate and personable. He took the time to make sure I understood my treatment plan and makes me comfortable each step of the way! The progress I’ve seen since seeing him is immense. My range of motion and balance are back on track and stress levels significantly down. Hands down the best chiropractor around!

After having my 3rd baby, I started having really bad lower back pain, my husband recommended Dr. Adam and honestly all I can say is WOW. From the staff to all the doctors everyone is amazing. Very professional and very family oriented I love it. It’s only been 12 sessions and I can feel the improvements and the pain going away. Thank you for making my husband and I feel welcomed and for getting us on the path of pain free living 😁


Dr. Adam Friedman is an outstanding individual who always demonstrates his knowledge and skill in a way that invites patients to learn and understand chiropractic care and its lifelong benefits without intimidation. He is authentic in his approach to wellness and his care extends beyond the visit. He takes the time to understand what life stresses are negatively impacting your body and he tailors your care plan to achieve short-term relief, but most importantly, long-term healing. He treats myself and one of my children. I wouldn’t trust anyone else to care for us as patiently, carefully, and honestly as he does. His office’s staff is kind and professional and they care about us as individuals, not just another patient on a schedule. Absolutely grateful for Dr. Adam Friedman.


Dr. Adam Friedman is an awesome Chiropractor! He has eliminated my lower back pain and severe neck stiffness over the last several months. He is very professional and has a caring presence. He takes the time to educate his patients with a positive attitude and answers all questions thoroughly. His adjustments include a therapeutic massage which is wonderful! Dr. Adam will definitely get you in and out quickly and feeling great. Care Wellness has an amazing team of health professionals and staff where you don’t feel like you are going to a doctor’s office but a place that feels like home. A place where you get re-connected to Life, Health, and Vitality and are given the tools to thrive.


The level of compassion at Care Wellness Center is outstanding. They are a rare find! Dr. Rob truly cares about his patients’ well-being and goes above and beyond. Dr. Cheryl is equally amazing. They are doctors who truly listen to their patients. The staff has also been consistently kind, helpful and friendly. I’ve been receiving weekly treatments for over a year and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s been life changing. I would give them more stars if I could.


I started doing acupuncture with Dr. Landon in order to better prepare my eggs and body for our upcoming IVF cycle.  I went to him once a week starting about 4 months prior to doing IVF and continued through my IVF cycle and first trimester of pregnancy. I truly believe that acupuncture helped me to have success with IVF on our first round. Dr. Landon is great at what he does, and you can tell right away that he really cares about his patients and takes a personal interest in helping them to achieve their goals.  He is kind, encouraging, supportive, easy to get along with and extremely knowledgeable about acupuncture and its many benefits. Meeting with him weekly always helped to relieve my stress and worries about whatever I was going through. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an acupuncturist!


Highly recommend Dr. Robert Herbst and the entire team here. I started using acupuncture in preparation for IVF and continued through my 1st trimester of pregnancy. Needless to say, my pregnancy was a success and I attribute much of this to acupuncture and herbs! I’ll continue to be a patient for mental and physical wellness as needed!


I’ve had excruciating migraine headaches for years now, inherited from the maternal side. I’ve been prescribed many medications, some worked, then became relatively ineffective after months, at which time I would be prescribed something else. Others, the side effects scared me too much to take them. This seemed like an endless cycle for me.  A friend suggested I give acupuncture a try as she had success with getting pregnant with acupuncture. I hate needles, but was desperate, so I made an appt. with her Doctor Robert Herbst at the Wellness Center. I can say acupuncture has been a tremendous help to me. The migraines are far far less debilitating and much fewer. I can actually function now, when before I would be balled up and immobile with pain with the blinds shut, and pretty much useless for the day. I never thought I would ever find relief like this, especially without the sore stomach, medications which seemed to help would always bring on. I would always get an upset stomach from the medications. If you suffer from bad migraines, I suggest you give acupuncture a try. It really helped me, and without horrible side effects.


Care Wellness has a great environment with a friendly and understanding staff and doctors. Dr. Robert is a skilled and caring acupuncturist.