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There are no words to describe the chiropractors and Dr. Robert Herbst and the entire staff of CARE Wellness Center. When I came to the center over five years ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After receiving treatment at other chiropractic centers, I was truly amazed at how successful the chiropractors and Dr. Herbst were at helping to relieve my symptoms. Recently I have been diagnosed with perineal nerve damage in my left leg. Both doctors, through the use of their individual highly trained skills, have made monumental strides in helping me deal with the constant pain and swelling.

I find the doctors to be thorough, ethical and very knowledgeable about their work. I find the staff to be fully competent, very accessible and professional. But most importantly CARE Wellness Center treats me like I am one of their family. Everyone at the center is truly concerned about my pain and discomfort and helping me relieve it.

I would highly recommend CARE Wellness Center to anyone interested in chiropractic and acupuncture care.

Mary Vassilakis

I’ve had excruciating migraine headaches for years now, inherited from the maternal side. I’ve been prescribed many medications, some worked, then became relatively ineffective after months, at which time I  would be prescribed something else. Others, the side effects scared me too much to take them. This seemed like an endless cycle for me.

A friend suggested I give acupuncture a try as she had success with getting pregnant with acupuncture. I hate needles, but was desperate, so I made an appt. with her Doctor Robert Herbst at the Wellness Center.

I can say acupuncture has been a tremendous help to me. The migraines are far far less debilitating and much fewer. I can actually function now, when before I would be balled up and immobile with pain with the blinds shut, and pretty much useless for the day.

I never thought I would ever find relief like this, especially without the sore stomach, medications which seemed to help would always bring on. I would always get an upset stomach from the medications.

If you suffer from bad migraines, I suggest you give acupuncture a try. It really helped me, and without horrible side effects.

Jana Ra.

Care Wellness has a great environment with a friendly and understanding staff and doctors, “Dr. Robert” is a skilled and caring acupuncturist.

Ronnie Malinas

I travel 30 minutes each way to be seen by the physicians at the Care Wellness Center. As a nurse, I know how a patient should be treated, and Dr. Freeman goes beyond my expectations. I’m doing the HCG weight loss regimen,  and Care Wellness Center is the ONLY facility that has worked well for me. The physicians and staff are caring, informative , and available to you 24/7 for any concerns you have regarding being on HCG. The office staff is also kind and attentive to your needs.

Dee M.

I have been going to Care Wellness Center for many years.  The staff is friendly and welcoming, you’re not just another number.  Dr. Adam Friedman is the best!  His experience, knowledge and holistic approach allows him to treat not only your back but the whole person; he sincerely cares about the well-being of his patients.  I also had an online session with Nutritionist Amy, who helped me streamline my eating and sleeping habits.  Their massage therapists are also exceptional!  Once you experience the best, there’s no comparison!

Celia C.

I’ve been going to this center for about a month and really am impressed. The staff,  from reception to care professionals, are absolutely first rate in their professionalism and competence.They seem to love their work and value their clients. I had a problem that required p.t. but my health insurance declined that service because I had reached my limit early in ’14. Dr. Freeman showed me some stretches I could safely do until I could qualify again for p.t. and they really helped!! They have a holistic approach to wellness and he covered in the chiropractic sessions topics of diet, exercise, stretching, supplements, etc. You just learn a great deal. I’ll be going back soon to cover balance and gait issues.

Rose R. of Margate Florida

Just wanted you to know I feel fabulous, back pain and sciatic pain all gone, feeling of inflammation gone, ROM returned. I was able to return to full activities today, only two weeks after it all began. The day you retire will be a sad day. Chiropractic is helpful, but what you do is so much more than most chiropractic, it is True Chiropractic, as it was originally intended. You communicate with the wisdom of the body to establish the root cause of the problem, you ask the body in what sequence  it wants to heal and you provide the nutritional knowledge to support the healing (thank you Amy). Because you are truly in communication with the innate wisdom of the body, and trust what it gives you, you are in a position to help every person that walks through the door seeking healing. You can even question the innate wisdom about other therapies the person may need to fully heal (missing links), and refer them out to other practitioners. Please spend your final years in mentoring a clone of yourself before you retire!!!

Chantelle Kurtz - Spiritual Healer – Coral Springs – Florida

I was referred to Dr. Freeman by my massage therapist two years ago. I was not feeling too well in those days. About a year before that, I’d been rear ended on I-95, and sustained neck and back injuries. Despite frequent chiropractic visits, my recovery was slow and I always had residual discomfort and limited range of motion.

I’ve been to chiropractors my whole adult life, but there’s a distinctive difference when a patient walks into the CARE Wellness Center’s office. The front desk staff are friendly and supportive, the massage techs do their best to rub out the knots in your shoulders, the doctors are phenomenal.

Besides being highly skilled, they are genuinely interested in their patients’ well-being, and never rush you through a visit. They always take the time to ask detailed questions about how you’re doing, offer suggestions for your improvement, including therapeutic exercises, nutrition/supplementation.

After repeated sessions of ultrasound, massage, electrical stimulation, stretching and gentle adjustments, I was definitely improving! My three-time a week visits could be reduced to twice weekly, then once weekly, then bi-weekly, then monthly.

They must have some magical formula, because even though I’d seen chiropractors before, my condition improved the most with these doctors. My body felt stronger, and when I was able to resume exercising, my resilience and endurance continued to improve. I’ve lost weight, toned up, gotten stronger and can now work out with weights, bike, do yoga, and hike again the way I used to!

This summer we went to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. After doing strenuous hikes there and in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia without mishap, I was a klutz in the parking lot near the ranger station, and tripped over a rock. I’d been walking fast, and before I knew it, I was face first in the cement, supported on my wrists.

It could have been a day of serious injury; thankfully I just had a few minor cuts and bruises, and continued on the hike. Of course I came in for an adjustment when we returned…

Dr. Freeman and I were both amazed that my body had held strong and I just needed minor adjustments to neck and back. I healed very quickly and now I’m as good as new! I know that my good health can be attributed to excellent chiropractic care for the past two years.

These days, I’m able to check in for a “tuneup” whenever needed, and I’m always welcomed back with a hug.

An appreciative patient,

Betty E. - Margate Florida

It is with sincere pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Freeman. He has been my chiropractor for over 15 years. From the first day, walking into his office was like visiting a dear friend. The team at Care Wellness Center were always punctual, eager to learn details of my visit, asked questions and were very attentive. During my visits I noticed he always interacted well with all his patients. I have recommended many of my friends and colleagues over the years and they all have been pleased with his practice as I. He is consistently keeping up with all the latest information in his industry, his practice is truly on the cutting edge. I highly recommend Dr. Freeman!

Lori J. Press-Vidal - Margate Florida