The Acupuncturists at Care Wellness Center – Robert Herbst AP, DOM, and Cheryl Yelverton AP, DOM – have a unique approach to patient care that incorporates gentle acupuncture treatment with a strong belief in patient education. Treating a wide variety of conditions, they encourage their patients to make lifestyle choices that benefit and support their optimal health and well-being. They have effectively treated countless patients that have sought their help and they are confident that they can help you as well. If you are looking for acupuncture in Margate Florida, or the surrounding areas of Coconut Creek and Coral Springs, then this is your place!!

Our acupuncturists are highly reputable, skilled, compassionate healers with online reviews that are second to none.

Acupuncture is painless, extremely safe and an all-natural, drug free therapy, yielding no side effects. Only sterile needles are used, and these are discarded after each use.

Acupuncture is covered by most major insurance companies, and we are in network with a majority of them including AetnaCigna, Humana and United Healthcare. Please call us at 954-586-8088 to verify your coverage today. We have served the Margate, Coral Springs and Coconut Creek communities for over 15 years.

Acupuncture as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Acupuncture is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. TCM includes both acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbs, among other modalities. TCM is a form of health care with over 5000 years of history. Acupuncture/TCM is in use today as the primary healthcare system in China, used to diagnose and treat millions of people with all types of health complaints ranging from the common cold to life threatening illness.

What is Acupuncture? – it is the placement of small, sterile needles at specific acupoints on the body, in an effort to balance your body’s life energy or qi (pronounced chee). Once in balance your body can restore itself to health. Acupuncture is a form of natural healing that enhances both physical and emotional health. It is safe, painless, and an effective way to treat a wide variety of medical problems.

At the core of acupuncture is the philosophy that qi (life energy) flows throughout the body. This animating energy permeates all matter in our universe. It acts to protect us against viral and bacterial invasion, pain and disease.

A person’s state of health is a reflection of the quantity, quality and balance of their qi. Qi circulates along pathways called meridians. These meridians coordinate with each individual organ. Meridian pathways are like rivers which transport life-giving water to nourish land, plants and people.

In the same way, qi is transported to energize cells, organs, glands, muscle and other tissues. When qi flows smoothly throughout the body, one enjoys good physical and mental well-being. An obstruction of qi anywhere in the body is like a dam, backing up the flow in one area of the body and causing a deficiency of qi to that area. As a result of the blockage there is also an excess of qi sent out along other meridians. It is either a deficiency or an excess of qi which creates disease states in the human body.

Many things can influence the quantity, quality and balance of qi. Physical and emotional trauma, stress, lack of exercise, overexertion, seasonal changes, diet, lack of sleep, and excessive activity can lead to blockages or imbalances of qi. It is when these states remain for an extended period of time that disease and pain can set in.

What does Acupuncture Treat?

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been used for centuries in China to treat a host of conditions such as chronic and acute pain (including sports injury), psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety, as well as infertility and IVF support. It can also treat autoimmune disorders, digestive disorders and allergy (just to name a few). The list of disorders acupuncture can treat is vast, so call us to inquire whether acupuncture is right for you.

Your first Acupuncture Treatment – What to Expect 

During your initial visit a full health history will be taken. You will be asked questions regarding your symptoms, general state of health, lifestyle and emotional status. This information is then organized to form a more complete picture of cause and effect, leading to a comprehensive diagnosis.

After the consult, you may receive an acupuncture treatment which may last from 20 to 35 minutes. Your acupuncturist may also perform what is called a Pulse Diagnosis and a Tongue Diagnosis prior to your treatment. Chinese herbs may also be prescribed.

Pulse Diagnosis – There are three pulse positions on each wrist. The strength, rate and rhythm of the pulses are assessed to determine the functional state of the internal qi, function of the nervous system, and blood flow and volume.

Tongue Diagnosis – The tongue is a map of the body. It is an outward expression of the internal environment. The color, shape, and coating, as well as other characteristics of the tongue will aid the acupuncturist in defining your diagnosis.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of acupuncture treatments varies from person to person. Some people experience immediate relief of symptoms, others may take days or weeks to experience relief. Chronic (long standing) conditions typically take longer to resolve than acute (new) ones. You should begin to see some changes in your condition not long after beginning treatment. Each person must determine for themselves to whatever extent they wish to pursue vibrant good health; we are here only to assist you in meeting your goals.

Generally speaking, acupuncture does not hurt. Insertion of acupuncture needles is virtually painless. It is uncommon for needle insertion to cause pain; however, there are times when patients feel slight discomfort. Many points we needle you may not feel anything at all. Other points you may experience a slight pinch. Overall acupuncture treatment is regarded by many to be a completely relaxing experience.

Acupuncture Treatment takes place in a quiet environment with the patient either sitting or lying in a comfortable position. Your physician will explain to you during this process why each area is being treated. After the treatment you may feel energized or a sense of deep relaxation and well-being.

How should I prepare for my acupuncture treatment?

  1. First, come with any questions you may have- we are here to help you.
  2. Wear loose clothing for easy access to acupuncture points.
  3. Don’t eat large meals before or after your visit.
  4. Refrain from overexertion, working out, drugs or alcohol for up to 6 hours after the visit.
  5. Avoid stressful situations. Make time to relax and be sure to get plenty of rest.
  6. Between visits, take notes of any changes that may have occurred, such as alleviation of pain, pain moving to other areas, or change in frequency and type of problems.

Acupuncture treatment aims to restore the harmony of body, mind, and spirit. We have helped so many of our patients regain their health and wellness, and we are totally confident that we can help you too! Call 954-586-8088 today to get started!

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