Medical Marijuana for Cancer

Medical Marijuana, marijuana Doctor in Margate Florida

Read about the benefits of Medical Marijuana for Cancer. In 2016, 1,685,210 new cases of cancer were diagnosed, according to data made public by the National Cancer Institute. In 2017, that number rose to 1,688,780.

While these numbers pale as a percentage of the total population of people living in the US, cancer is still a significant problem. In terms of race, black populations are more likely to get cancer diagnoses than Caucasians.

When you look at it from a gender perspective, males are 16% more likely to get cancer, and 40% more likely to die from the disease.

The US has made massive strides in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and research has shown that medical marijuana could form the perfect intervention for this disease. The good news is that different cultivars of medical cannabis are now legal in 28 states (Florida included) and Washington DC.

We are excited to announce that Care Wellness Center now has a state certified medical marijuana doctor on staff to assist patients in getting access to medical marijuana.

So, how does medical marijuana help those with cancer?

Relief from pain

Chronic pain has been described as one of the biggest problems faced by cancer survivors. In a study conducted by a Canadian research firm, out of 271 subjects, 163 indicated that they use medical marijuana specifically to manage the painful effects of cancer. They also indicated that if given a choice between this drug and regular pharmaceuticals for the management of their pain, they would go for the former. Medical marijuana for cancer is in fact way less addictive and more efficient than prescription painkillers.

Appetite booster

One of the criticisms leveled against chemotherapy medication is that it leads to poor appetite. It turns out marijuana stimulates the action of the hormone ghrelin, which is also referred to as the “hunger hormone”. The result is a sustained spell of good appetite, which is key to the longevity of these patients. This hormone goes further, stimulating the pleasure centers of the brain to make you hungrier and ensure that you enjoy the overall experience of eating.

Some cultivars have anti-cancer properties

A lot of attention tends to be directed toward marijuana cultivars responsible for the management of cancer, but some strains actually play an anti-cancer role. For example, CBD and THC have been known to trigger the death of cancerous tissues in the patient’s body. Their action also leads to the halting of the spread of cancer cells to deeper, more sensitive areas of the body. The two have an even more intriguing function; preventing the formation of blood vessels in tumor growth areas, which effectively strangles those growths and deprives them of key proliferation agents.

Better sleep

Cancer patients suffer from persistent sleep problems, and that can mostly be attributed to the pain. Marijuana, on the other hand, especially of the THC variety, induces sleep in its users.

Medical marijuana use has been expanding rapidly, and as at May 2017, the state of Colorado had 515 licensed clinics selling the drug. Ohio was second, boasting 400 clinics. Florida had 7, but there is reason to believe that this approach to the treatment of cancer is in its infancy, and it’s only a matter of when rather than if new clinics will sprout.

As this industry grows, Care Wellness Center is one of the first centers in Florida to make medical marijuana accessible to Floridians. We are located in Margate, minutes from Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Pompano Beach, Parkland and other South Florida cities. Call us today to get your appointment with our medical marijuana doctor.

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