Medical Marijuana for Arthritis

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Benefits of the Use of Medical Marijuana for Arthritis.  To say that arthritis is misunderstood would be a massive understatement. Most people think that it is simply a condition that affects the joints. The truth is that its way more than that.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, this is not a single disease, but the name is a moniker for more than a hundred conditions.

Close to 54 million Americans suffer from this range of diseases and while it affects adults mostly (with a lean toward older women), over 250,000 million children are affected as well. 60% of the arthritis patients in the US are female.

How does it all start?

Some forms of arthritis are caused by loss of a significant amount of cartilage tissue, which is responsible for absorbing the shock taken by the body as you move around. Sometimes, the normal breaking down of cartilage as the patient ages causes the disease. However, accidents that tear away at cartilage tissue can accelerate the degeneration process. It has been noted that there is also an element of genetics involved.

The degenerative process starts with stiffness, pain, swelling, and a slowly decreasing range of motion. This goes on for years, and the chronic stage makes it hard for patients to move or even execute simple daily chores.

Medical cannabis and arthritis treatment

Medical marijuana has been widely studied as one of the possible ways of dealing with arthritis and its attendant problems. Below is a look at ways in which the drug is beneficial;

  1. Anti-inflammation properties – In 2014, the Rheumatology journal published a study conducted by the Second Military University in China. The study was based on the knowledge that CB2 receptors exist in the joints of arthritis patients in much larger quantities than they exist in other parts of the body. By making use of cannabis, doctors were able to activate the pathways leading to these receptors, which helped fight inflammation.
  2. Pain reliever – People with rheumatoid arthritis have to suffer through plenty of pain. In 2009, the Journal of Opioid Management reported that 80% of the patients in a specific clinic used the drug to treat the painful effects of this form of arthritis (otherwise known as myofascial pain). 65% of all medical marijuana users in Canada have indicated that they use the product to alleviate pain. Professional rheumatologists agree that cannabinoids are great at scaling down on the transmission of pain or pain signals within the body.
  3. Better quality of sleep – Because of all the feelings of unease and pain, arthritis patients find it hard to go through a few hours of peaceful sleep. The indica strains of marijuana have a reputation for causing sleepiness, helping patients to enjoy a few hours of deep slumber. It also affects the REM cycle of your sleep, which helps get rid of bad dreams.

While the use of medical marijuana has been mired in controversy for years now because of states’ position on the legality of the drug, there is hope for patients as it’s now legally available at clinics in over half the country. And even more good news! It is now legal and accessible in the state of Florida.

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