Chiro in Margate – What is Chiropractic Wellness?

What is Chiropractic Wellness? By the Chiro in Margate for over 15 years I have been asked many questions over the years. One that is most prevalent is how we define good health. Asked how most people perceive good health, the answer usually is “as long as I don’t have any pain”. You could have a brain tumor and have no pain or a splinter under your fingernail and be in severe pain. The existence or absence of pain is not a good measure of health.

What then is? Actually, being in good health can be looked at your body’s ability to maintain balance (homeostasis) in the face of constantly changing stress to your body. For example, if you go outside and it’s hot your body maintains balance (internal temperature) by sweating which cools you off.

What if your body couldn’t sweat? What would happen? Your body would overheat, your internal temperature would rise from a constant 98.6 to possibly 105-107 where you would have a seizure and die. So, maintaining a correct body temperature is important.

How does your body know how to do this? It all comes back to your brain and your nervous system, which are responsible for maintaining all the functions of your body. Your brain constantly monitors your vital functions (i.e. body temperature) keeping them in a tight range of what is normal for your body. If your brain (which communicates with the rest of your body via your nervous system) can’t have free and unfettered communication with the rest of your body, systems break down and go haywire.

Chiropractic care deals with this intimate communication between your brain, your nervous system and the rest of your body (muscles, organs, glands, etc).

A majority of this communication occurs over the nerve pathways found in your spinal cord and the spinal nerves (the nerves that emanate directly from your spinal cord and exit out of holes found on either side of the spine). Anything that causes a breakdown, either total or partial, in this communication will ultimately affect the way your body functions.

Your ability to move your body is very connected to move your spine in different ways. The spine, composed of 24 individual, movable, segments of bone (called vertebrae) permit this movement, but on occasion, when the vertebrae get stuck out of their normal position and start to cause nerve irritation.

Once the nerves become irritated, they no longer function to communicate nerve impulses to the various tissues and organs of the body the same as they do when they are not irritated. In chiropractic terms this is referred to as a subluxation (bone out of place causing nerve interference).

I’ve seen amazing things happen when normal nerve conduction is restored. Many common health problems resolve without medication. The body has an incredible ability to heal itself without drugs, without side effects, without surgery. Just a properly functioning nervous system, regular sleep, exercise and a good diet and your body can maintain vibrant good health.

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