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Here are just a few testimonials of the many patients Dr. Robert has helped over the years with acupuncture for infertility. There are plenty more, submitted over the years, to places like Google, Facebook, Yelp, RateMD’s, Healthgrades and Wellnessdotcom. And some of his older reviews are posted here.

Jennifer M. – “I began going to Dr. Robert Herbst in 2015 when I was struggling with unexplained infertility. He helped us conceive our beautiful little girl (which I wrote a review on previously with the timeline of that part of my story). I began going back to him again in July of 2018 as we were trying to have another baby with little success again. I was actually getting pregnant this time around but was unable to hold the pregnancies. When I met with him again, he asked me several questions and after looking at my tongue and checking my pulse, he basically told me in a nutshell that my body was in stress, and I needed to take some time to reboot myself both physically and emotionally. I began doing acupuncture weekly, taking herbs again, and spending a little time each week on “me”. He asked us not to try conceiving again for a couple months until he felt like I was strong enough. In late September, he gave us the go ahead to try for this next cycle. We conceived our son the first week of October!!! I had really bad anxiety about losing this baby as well, so I started going to him twice a week for a few weeks which really helped! I am currently almost 15 weeks pregnant, and I can honestly say that both of my children were conceived because of Dr. Robert’s help! I am so grateful for him and everything he has done for my family! I recommend anyone who is struggling with having a baby to go see him!

Lenka U. – “I began my journey of getting pregnant for past few years. I have visited and went through several exams at the gynecologist’s office, none of which seemed to be helping. As months and months were passing and with all tests results being okay, the only response the doctors were able to give me was ” Just keep trying, don’t think about this too much and it will happen…” Well, this was not the support and help I was looking for, nor the support I needed. Eventually, I was just referred to get hep at IVF center. That day, after leaving the dr’s office, desperately wanting to have my baby, I decided to search for nearest acupuncture center, as I have known this to be very effective treatment. Upon reading all of the reviews for DR ROBERT HERBST, deep down inside me, I knew that this was the answer I was searching for all that time. I met with Dr Robert and started seeing him weekly for the treatment of my unexplained infertility. With every week that was passing, Dr Robert brought my body to a balance and with the help of the Chinese herbs, I felt my overall health being improved. At about 3 months after I started seeing Dr Robert, I was able to conceive! I kept seeing him up to my 12th week of pregnancy for acupuncture and no, I did NOT stop taking the herbs till that week, even so my Gynecologists asked me to stop (Just because they did not know what those herbs were, that advise to me felt as if they were better at knowing what was right for me, which I doubted). My pregnancy went great and at 39 weeks 5 days, my beautiful baby boy was born. As we’ve just celebrated his 1st Birthday, with tears in my eyes I thanked God for this blessing, but we will FOREVER be grateful to Dr Robert also for all of his support, for his care, his patience, his kind words and the HOPE he gave us. THANK YOU !!!”

Gina Z. – “I can’t express how happy I’ve been with my experience at Care Wellness Center. From my first initial visit to discharge they made it nothing but amazing. Dr. Herbst really pinpointed my issues with infertility and told me the steps I need to take to resolve them. I came into the office after 2years of struggling with fertility, after 2 months of treatment I’m happy to announce that I’m pregnant!! If you are looking for a acupuncturist specializing in fertility don’t go anywhere else!

Heather KT – “I have nothing but incredible things to say about Dr. Robert and the Acupuncture staff. My husband and I were having some difficulty getting pregnant and acupuncture was recommended to me by one of my friends. I was able to get an appointment quickly and became pregnant quickly! I continued (and continue!) to see Dr. Robert throughout the entire first trimester of my pregnancy and it helped me manage stress and severe nausea when I was experiencing it. I rarely had to wait and could not be happier with my experience. He comes highly recommended!

Dusty T. – “I must say that the Care Wellness Center is a great place starting with the staff and their facilities. My husband and I feel very grateful to have found Dr. Robert Herbst. I decided to start acupuncture after unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for two years including taking clomid. We wanted something natural and that is the reason why we decided to try the acupuncture. Dr. Herbst took the time to understand my background and potential problems; after three months of treatment, he recommended me to a specialist in reproduction (who is also a great professional). I continued with the weekly acupuncture and after some routine tests with the specialist, we finally were able to conceive naturally. I am sure that the acupuncture treatment helped to greatly improve my chances and thanks to the professional care of Dr. Herbst and his professional advice we were able to conceive.”

Sarah P. – “I visited Dr Herbst two separate time periods, both times were in the midst of my husband and I trying to conceive. After 7 months of trying on our own, I started seeing Dr Herbst regularly for fertility acupuncture. In a matter of 2-3 cycles, we were pregnant! I took the herbs the doctor recommended and visited his office 1-2 times per week. If/when we are ready for #3, I will be sure to book my appointment!”

Ayumi R. – “Me and my husband tried to conceive a baby for years and were about to give up when we came across Dr Robert. He made a holistic analysis of our health, and the treatment included nutrition and life habit changes, but what it helped me the most was his enthusiastic support about not giving up on my dreams. And it worked. We now have a healthy boy! I still visit Dr Robert, my experience is unique, I have never gone to a physician who can make neck pain disappear in one session or make you talk at the end of the session when you couldn’t even say hello because of laryngitis. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Robert.”

Adriana P. – “Excellent Service and Highly Recommended!!! I was looking for an alternative methodology (acupuncture) when I found Dr. Robert Herbst. I had high FSH levels (19.7) and I was told by my specialist that there was nothing to do, because there were no treatments to cure high FSH levels. The first time I walked in at Care Wellness Center, I knew I was in the right place. Dr. Robert has been taking care of me, making me feel very special every time I go there. My FSH levels are normal now and I feel excellent. Dr Robert is very professional, knowledgeable and very dedicated with his patients. The staff is great, friendly and makes you feel part of the family. I definitely recommend Dr. Robert.

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Acupuncture for Infertility - Patient Testimonials - Positive Reviews - in Margate, Coconut Creek and Coral Springs
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