Koren “No Crack” Technique

Koren "No Crack" Technique in Margate, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek FloridaIntroducing the new Koren “No Crack” Technique! There are many individuals who still think that chiropractic care still uses old fashioned adjusting techniques such as “cracking and popping” in treating patients. If you are one of these individuals who think that chiropractors still uses old-fashioned techniques to treat patients, it is high time you let those thoughts go.

Over the past several years chiropractic has evolved significantly to accommodate more effective and gentle techniques that do not involve cracking to treat problems such as low back and neck pain. One of the newest techniques in chiropractic care is known as the Koren Technique that was developed to help chiropractors treat their patients more effectively and safely, providing long lasting results.

Chiropractors use a manual approach in providing preventive care, diagnosis and treating conditions related to the pelvis, joints, spine and the nervous system. The chiropractic care uses a combination of treatments which fits specific needs of an individual. During chiropractic care, a chiropractor diagnoses your problem and then come up with a treatment program that will provide the most effective and long lasting results.

There are some conditions such as neck pain and low back pain where chiropractic care is usually the major form of treatment. In other condition chiropractic, care can act as a complement for other forms of medical treatment by addressing the musculoskeletal aspects of your medical condition. Some of the conditions that may require you to seek the services of a chiropractor include a headache, neck pain, back pain, arthritis, strains and sprains, whiplash, repetitive strain injury and limited motion of joints such as the knee, elbow and shoulder joints.

Chiropractic care aims at achieving three major goals for each patient that comes in, they include:

  • Detecting subluxations (or other spinal abnormalities such as herniated or bulging disks) also defined as dysfunctions or misalignments which compromise the nerve system.
  • Determining the appropriate way of correcting the subluxation or spinal abnormality.
  • Correcting subluxations or abnormalities either by use of manual manipulation techniques or specialized equipment.

The Koren Specific Technique also known as KST is not different. KST also aims at achieving the above goals using specialized chiropractic techniques. Koren technique is usually helpful in improving natural healing, boosting body function, releasing emotional and physical stress and also can go in hand with any healing practice. In fact, there are many professionals disciplines who are using KST to improve their performance which include :

1. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners
2. Massage therapists
3. Acupuncture practitioners
4. Cranial-Sacral therapists
5. Doctors of Osteopathy
6. Doctors of Neuropathy

KST can be rated as one of the better, safer more effective chiropractic techniques since…

  • Does not discriminate age- Although conditions such as back pain are common in elderly people, there are instances where even infants suffer from such conditions due to several factors such as poor sleeping habits and environmental factors. In case such a scenario arises it might be difficult to address such issue using the ordinary techniques; however KST has been proven to be very effective in addressing issues affecting elderly people and infants as well.
  • It is quick and easy- KST analyzes the body and mind for imbalances, Subluxations, blockage, distortion, hidden physical and emotional stress and interferences very quickly. The easier and the earlier a problem is detected, the easier it is to diagnose it. KST has been confirmed to be able to identify even the most hidden body issues for effective diagnosis and treatment.
  • Addresses delicate body parts- some conditions such as pain in the body may be located at delicate body parts such as the spine and discs. Diagnosing such problems can be cumbersome since it is hard to identify the exact cause and source of the pain. Also, if the diagnosis of such body pain is not conducted appropriately, it can make things worse instead of correcting the condition.
  • Allows you to choose the posture you are comfortable with- Patients are usually difficult to deal with especially when they are in distress caused by chronic pain which is completely understandable. This makes it difficult for you to remain in a single position for a long time. With KST you can choose any posture makes you feel comfortable during diagnosis of your condition, you can choose to sit, stand or lie down. Also, the type and position of the injury you have may require you to remain in a certain posture for a perfect diagnosis.
  • Low force and gentle- KST does not involve twisting and cracking in addressing your condition. This helps to avoid mistakes that result from issues such as wrong twisting. It also saves time since they is no application of force during diagnosis.
  • Immediate response- KST is not like taking medication whereby you have to wait for days to know whether they are working or not. With Koren Technique, the effects take place immediately. You immediately know whether the blockage or any other condition has been corrected or not so that you can make a quick decision on what to do next.
  • Does not involve testing- with KST you do not have to undergo annoying procedures such as X-rays or imaging. This technique identifies the exact location of a problem and the cause thus the allowing it to be corrected quickly and effectively.

If you have been trying out to solve your neck and back pain problem without success, it is the high time you try out the Koren “No Crack” Technique. One of the factors that make many body conditions hard to address is the lack of knowledge about their specific location and causes. However, with KST, there is no guess work, the chiropractors who use this technique identifies the specific condition of the patient and offer the best treatment. KST also help to identify hidden problems such emotional and physical stress which are not easily addressed by other techniques.

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