Headache and Migraine Treatment with Acupuncture

Headache and Migraine Treatment - Margate FloridaLearn about headache and migraine treatment with acupuncture in this short article by our acupuncturists.

While headaches are not normal, 80 Million People suffer from chronic headaches everyday. It’s a major health problem, and probably the second or third most often cited reason for visits to the doctor’s office.

Of the 80 million chronic headache sufferers, 64 million have headaches that may respond to conservative management. Headaches are classified into many different types such as migraine, cluster, vascular, hormonal, muscle tension, and sinus, to name a few.

Typical medical treatment is medication used in an effort to decrease the pain associated with the headache. In some instances more than one medication is used, one for the headache, and one to combat the side effects of the first medication. In this way, many headache sufferers begin the medication rollercoaster ride.

Some medications may work well initially, however, once an individual becomes adapted to the drugs, they stop working, and long term relief is erratic and more difficult to provide.

Since a large percentage of headaches have neuromuscular and stress components they respond very well to conservative measures such as acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, nutrition (food allergy can cause headache), physical therapy, and lifestyle modification.

Recurrent (frequent) headaches and migraine should always be evaluated to rule out possible serious illness. Never assume that headaches are “just stress”, and investigate any headache which lasts longer than 24 hours.

Because people with recurrent headaches take medication more frequently than most people, they often experience gastrointestinal side effects such as heartburn and ulcers, and often wind up on the medication “merry go round”.

At CARE Wellness Center we can provide access to the medical and alternative types of interventions, making it the ideal place to begin treatment.

Our acupuncturists are headache specialists, and they often work our chiropractors on staff in an effort to provide quick relief, as well as treatment of the underlying causes to promote long term relief from this debilitating condition.

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