Correct Planking Posture

Being able to do a plank correctly will benefit your CORE tremendously, but only when done with proper form. The list of benefits of this exercise is extensive and includes far more than just achieving a tight, toned core.

FORM IS EVERYTHING when it comes to truly being able to see the benefits from planking, and if you don’t get perfect form down with the standard plank, either on your forearms or in high plank, you can basically forget about getting any results from the hundreds of variations you can do.

Planks don’t stop at the CORE, it’s a full body exercise, virtually all of your muscles should be engaged to help hold yourself suspended above ground.


1) Let your hips droop towards the floor.
2) Let your butt go up in the air
3) Let your head drop towards the floor.


1) Keep your spine in as straight of a line as you can, from head to toe.
2) Engage your butt (glutes) SQUEEZE EM…
3) Tighten your abs to maintain balance and spinal alignment.
4) Keep your elbows directly beneath your shoulders.
5) RETRACT your shoulder blades (back and down, back and down, ALWAYS)
6) HOLD for at least 30 to 60 seconds

Do these in front of a mirror, so you can monitor your form…Breathe and do what you can….CORE muscles don’t strengthen overnight, it takes time!!

Check out the video…