Sonya P.

I was recommended to Care wellness center in Margate! I called to schedule an appointment which was great for me after work. My first experience was how clean the facility is, the staff at the window was very pleasant so right away I realize I at a good place. I was shown a room to go where the Dr. would see me. After few minutes Dr. Robert came in introduced himself and I explained to him what was happening, and he said OKAY this is what I am going to do. By the way Dr. Robert is an Acupuncturist great and friendly Dr. Make a long story short I got my treatment done I felt very good after my treatment Dr Robert even give me the name of a gadget to buy to help with my back pain which is so helpful at home whenever I have a little ache. So, I went home, and I was yawning i meant sleep yawning and I end up going to my bed and slept without waking up. That meant the world to me because I am a poor sleeper. So, folks if you’re looking for a great and friendly and very clean place to get help for your pain etc., please go to Care wellness center in Margate. I am speaking about My Dr Robert Acupuncturist, and I imagine the other Dr’s are wonderful too. Dr Robert even send a text to see how I felt the next day. Great Dr and beautiful environment. Go see him if you need Acupuncture.

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