I’ve had excruciating migraine headaches for years now, inherited from the maternal side. I’ve been prescribed many medications, some worked, then became relatively ineffective after months, at which time I  would be prescribed something else. Others, the side effects scared me too much to take them. This seemed like an endless cycle for me.

A friend suggested I give acupuncture a try as she had success with getting pregnant with acupuncture. I hate needles, but was desperate, so I made an appt. with her Doctor Robert Herbst at the Wellness Center.

I can say acupuncture has been a tremendous help to me. The migraines are far far less debilitating and much fewer. I can actually function now, when before I would be balled up and immobile with pain with the blinds shut, and pretty much useless for the day.

I never thought I would ever find relief like this, especially without the sore stomach, medications which seemed to help would always bring on. I would always get an upset stomach from the medications.

If you suffer from bad migraines, I suggest you give acupuncture a try. It really helped me, and without horrible side effects.