Just wanted you to know I feel fabulous, back pain and sciatic pain all gone, feeling of inflammation gone, ROM returned. I was able to return to full activities today, only two weeks after it all began. The day you retire will be a sad day. Chiropractic is helpful, but what you do is so much more than most chiropractic, it is True Chiropractic, as it was originally intended. You communicate with the wisdom of the body to establish the root cause of the problem, you ask the body in what sequence  it wants to heal and you provide the nutritional knowledge to support the healing (thank you Amy). Because you are truly in communication with the innate wisdom of the body, and trust what it gives you, you are in a position to help every person that walks through the door seeking healing. You can even question the innate wisdom about other therapies the person may need to fully heal (missing links), and refer them out to other practitioners. Please spend your final years in mentoring a clone of yourself before you retire!!!