Spinal Decompression can be an efficient and cost effective non-surgical treatment for individuals who suffer from chronic pain in their neck or back. Spinal decompression therapy can be used to treat spinal conditions which can cause headaches, neck and back pain, and even arm and leg pain. This treatment is revolutionary in that it enables the patient to be treated for these conditions without the use of risky invasive procedures such as epidural injections and/or surgery.

Can spinal decompression work for you? Many of our patients have been able to relieve pain effectively with chiropractic treatment that includes spinal decompression.

To learn more about this procedure, please read the FAQ section below. Please schedule an appointment to visit our office for a complete evaluation to determine the treatment that is best suited to your condition. Read more about herniated disc and our Chiropractors in Margate Florida.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spinal Decompression:

A: Non-surgical spinal decompression is an un-weighting of the spine due to distraction (decreasing the pressure within the disc by gently stretching the spine) and positioning (placement of the spine in positions which help disc material to go back into its normal position). Decompression therapy takes the pressure off structures that are causing pain and dysfunction such as the spinal cord, nerve roots, facet capsules, and inter-vertebral disc structures. Decompression therapy opens up the inter-vertebral foramen (holes along the spine where the spinal nerves exit from the spinal cord).

A: Yes. When compared to other forms of treatment for severe neck and lower back conditions which are invasive, such as epidural injections and/or spinal surgery, non-surgical spinal decompression has an impressive safety profile. Non-surgical spinal decompression is non-invasive; therefore there is no risk of infection. Since there is no removal of any tissue, there is no risk of permanent damage to tissues surrounding the spine causing formation of scar tissue (the “bad guy” in many spinal problems). Non-surgical spinal decompression has an FDA 510 K license and all decompression machines have the same FDA approved uses including dynamic stretching of the spine using protocols of positioning, force, and cycling.

A: No. Most patients find relief of their pain during the decompression treatments. At times patients have even fallen asleep on the table!

A: Yes. Over 90% of neck and back pain are caused by encroachment (intrusion) upon soft tissues. Disc bulges and herniations, facet joint hypertrophy (enlargement of the joint caused by excess stress due to changes in spinal weight bearing), degenerative disc and degenerative joint disease (DDD/DJD) all cause irritation and inflammation of delicate spinal nerve tissue. Non surgical spinal decompression therapy is designed to open up these closed spaces and increase circulation into affected areas which helps the body to heal these tissues naturally, without dangerous invasive or surgical procedures. As with any medical procedure utilized to heal serious health problems, non-surgical spinal decompression is MOST effective when patients are properly screened to ensure that they fit into the profile of what the procedure is designed to help. Many spinal decompression centers will take any patient and place them on decompression equipment just because they can, with no regard for whether or not the patient might actually benefit from the procedure. While there are no guarantees, we at CARE Wellness Center strive to select only those patients we honestly believe will benefit from this procedure.

A: Evaluation for non-surgical spinal decompression encompasses a through consultation and examination, x-rays, and a review of any MRI or CT scans you have. If your MRI or CT scans are within the last 6 months and if your condition has not become worse, we will utilize your existing scans. If you don’t have any scans, if your scans are older than 6 months, or if your condition has significantly changed since your last scan, new scans may be required. This is something that will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation. After your evaluation, your condition will be discussed with you in detail, and a decision regarding whether or not you are a good candidate for decompression therapy will be determined. If you are a candidate your initial appointment will be scheduled. If you are not a candidate, other options for care will be discussed and if referral to another type of physician is required you will be informed.

A: Decompression therapy involves a gentle stretching of the spine and related tissues under control of specific computer programming. Effects noted after decompression therapy include relieved pressure from painful structures, the stretching of tight soft tissues, the breaking down of adhesions, improved tissue nutrition and healing, and overall pain relief. Our decompression protocol involves pre and post therapies as a part of your treatment. Pre-treatment therapies are designed to relax tight muscles, soften tissues, and increase circulation. Post therapies are designed to minimize the body’s naturally occurring inflammatory response and to speed overall healing. Core strengthening and spinal stabilization exercises are critical for long term recovery and positive long term outcomes and are a recommended as part of treatment.

A: No. There are significant differences in the different types of equipment used to perform decompression therapy. Most decompression equipment currently on the market (i.e. DRX 9000, Acu-spina, Z-GRAV, etc.) is only capable of pulling the spine in a static position, without taking advantage of critical motion maneuvers which work with the body to help the disc material go back to its proper position. At CARE Wellness Center, our advanced equipment permits placing the patient in whatever positions are consistent with the way the vertebrae should be moved, addressing the multi-planar components of disc pathology. This allows herniated nuclear material to re-centralize within the annulus which affords a much better chance of recovery.

A: Non-surgical spinal decompression therapy is indicated if you have:

  • Chronic cervico-genic headaches (headaches caused by neck problems)
  • Neck pain that travels down into your arms
  • Back pain that travels down into your legs
  • Bulging and herniated disks
  • Degenerative disc disease causing pain to travel into arms or legs
  • Degenerative/hypertrophic facet disease (spinal arthritis)
  • Foramina1 stenosis (spinal arthritis)
  • Inflammation with pressure on delicate spinal nerves (neuritis/radiculitis) of the cervical or lumbar spine
  • Spondylolisthesis grades I & 2 (slipped vertebrae)
  • Paresthesia (numbness and tingling) of the upper/lower extremities
  • This therapy is especially useful for those patients who are reluctant to have surgery, are not good surgical candidates, or for those individuals who can’t take NSAIDS or pain medications.

    A: Yes. As with any type of medical intervention there are some individuals who should not have non-surgical spinal decompression therapy. They are people who have:
    1) Extreme spinal instability
    2) Fractures
    3) Severe rheumatoid arthritis
    4) Severe osteoporosis
    5) Infections or inflammatory diseases
    6) Malignancy
    7) Vascular compromise
    8) Cardiac/respiratory insufficiency
    9) Are pregnant.

    A: Spinal decompression therapy is designed to enable most patients to continue to follow their normal daily routines, including work and home responsibilities. However, we do recommend that patients suspend any activity that will aggravate their condition during treatment, including prolonged sitting, bending, lifting, or any strenuous physical activities.

    A: It depends. If the reason you are in pain has to do with scar tissue formation, or continued bulging or herniation of disc material, decompression therapy may help. Each case is very different and needs to be evaluated separately.

    A: All insurance policies differ. Our insurance department will be happy to check your insurance and let you know what your coverage will pay for. We also have interest free financing and payment plans available. All costs will be discussed with you in detail before any treatments are performed.

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