Slip and Fall

Treatment for Slip and Fall Injury - Margate, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Pompano BeachWhile many people are familiar with injuries caused by sports and automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents can cause significant injuries that require medical attention. One of the most serious type of injuries caused by a slip and fall accident is to the head.

A concussion which is caused by trauma to the head can cause anything from a slight head pain to a loss of consciousness. A person who loses consciousness even for a few seconds has experienced a concussion and should be evaluated by medical professionals. Even a slight head trauma can cause bleeding into the brain and subsequent neurologic problems and deficits.

Slip and fall accidents can also cause the typical sprain/strain type injuries to extremities such as sprained ankles or wrists. Neck and lower back problems are typical as the force that can be generated in a slip and fall can be significant and can cause wrenching to the delicate tissues of the spine. Disc herniation which can lead to serious back pain and neck pain often is the result of these types of injuries.

Many people experience fractures (broken bones) when they slip and fall. While it might look somewhat comical to witness these types of injuries, often serious injuries can result. Don’t think that just because nothing is bleeding that everything is ok. If you are the unfortunate recipient of this type of injury get to your physician and get everything checked out, you’ll be glad you did!

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