Medical Marijuana and Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia is a debilitating condition that causes musculoskeletal pain all over the body, which is typically accompanied by problems relating to memory, sleep, and fatigue. Such pain affects the patient’s daily life in different ways as it has mental and physical effects that also have socially limiting implications. The condition affects women more than it does men and can begin as the result of physical injury, infection, surgery or psychological stress. At times, the disease just shows up without any known triggers.

The condition affects 3-6% of the population in the world. Fibromyalgia is common in the U.S , with 10 million adults dealing with the chronic pain of the disease. Of these, 75% are women even though the disease can occur to children and men of all ethnic backgrounds as well.

Causes of fibromyalgia

The primal cause of the disease remains a mystery to the world of medicine even though some theories have been advanced about its occurrence. Central sensitization is one hypothesis, and it suggests that people who have had increased reactivity of nerve cells sensitive to pain have a lower pain threshold than the rest of the population. The over-exposed nerve cells are located in the brain and spinal cord. The condition may also be as a result of genetics or lifestyle choices. Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is also suspected to be a cause, though not entirely investigated.

Medical marijuana and Fibromyalgia

Marijuana has always been known to be a good pain reliever and has been used for a long time now in treatment of pain-related conditions. Fibromyalgia is yet another condition characterized by chronic pain that marijuana can help make better. Many medical tests have been done to come up with a pharmaceutical drug effective enough to calm the condition but not much progress has been made.

In a study conducted to show the effects of cannabis use for Fibromyalgia pain, test subjects showed a lot of improvement. The study had 28 cannabis users as participants and another 28 patients who did not use cannabis. Test subjects responded positively, as pain would subside by a significant amount within 2 hours of using marijuana. Cannabis was administered both orally and through smoking, with other patients applying it both ways.

A Cochrane review ( 2016) of two studies checked the effects of marijuana on a total of 72 patients. Findings showed that patients experienced pain reduction of up to 60%. The studies were carried out for 4 to 6 weeks, with the participants constantly under observation. Self-reported cases of improved symptoms showed results much higher than 60%. The Cochrane review was classified as reliable evidence that medical marijuana is effective for fibromyalgia.

Such studies have shown marijuana to be a worthy treatment for patients suffering from the debilitating pains of Fibromyalgia. Cannabis usage patterns are constantly being studied in the medical profession and to date, researchers have been able to extract marijuana products without the psychoactive effects of THC. It remains to be seen whether marijuana will take root as a full-fledged treatment for the numerous conditions that it has been shown to treat or manage.

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