Chinese Herbs, Chinese Herbalist in Margate FloridaThe art and science of Chinese Herbs and Herbology has been practiced for thousands of years. Today, vast amounts of research is being conducted at top universities around the world, and the results are proving how powerful these natural products are.

The effective use of Chinese Herbs incorporates the use of plants, flowers, barks, herbs, trees and just about any natural substance to achieve healing without side effects. Science has long known about the healing properties of plants and natural substances and in fact most medications are derived from these sources.

Pharmaceutical medications are however usually produced by finding the “active ingredient” in a plant and then synthesizing that ingredient in a laboratory. This process does produce very strong medications, however often times these singular ingredient drugs have significant side effects that are not found when using the entire plant.

The pharmaceutical industry has made some wonderful life saving medications, however, today most people notice that these strong drugs carry significant risk. When we look at the risk to benefit ratio we find that natural substances, while they work somewhat slower, provide the body with the needed nutrients along with active substances to minimize side effects and maximize healing.

We at the CARE Wellness Center have spent years researching the best sources of Chinese herbs; which manufacturers have the purest of products, produced from very safe and reputable sources. At CARE Wellness Center, we have researched not only the sources of our products but under what conditions the products are made to ensure that all of the products we recommend meet the highest standards of manufacture and purity.

While the FDA does not regulate nutraceutical products we recommend only products that are manufactured using GMP (good manufacturing procedures) which are the same guidelines that prescription products are made under.

Chinese Herbs can be used safely as a supplement to or in conjunction with your current prescription medication. Often a Chinese Herb supplement with far less, if any, side effects can be used to either replace your prescription medication or reduce the amount of medication necessary, ultimately reducing potential for side effects.

Chinese Herbs work on the principle of restoring balance to your body in the same way that acupuncture works. Often when we become ill the body systems are out of balance with each other and until that balance is restored, the body cannot return to vibrant good health. Chinese Herbs allow us to treat you on a daily basis; helping your body regain balance and allowing your body to heal more quickly.

Chinese Herbs work on the principles of synergy which means that herbs are blended together to achieve the desired result eliminating negative side effects. An example of synergistic blending would be SODIUM CHLORIDE (NACL). If you were to ingest Sodium by itself you could die, if you were to ingest Chloride by itself you could die, but when synergistically blended in the correct proportions you get table salt which is perfectly harmless.

The Chinese herbalists at CARE Wellness Center, Dr. Robert Herbst and Dr. Landon Agoado, blend herbs tailored for each patient and specific for each patient’s condition. We believe that no one size fits all and every patient deserves his or her condition treated as we would our families.

Although we believe that a complete Traditional Chinese Medicine approach is best (combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbs) patients who are needle phobic or who do not wish to receive acupuncture treatment can still benefit greatly from Chinese Herbs as the main modality of care.

Our Chinese herbalists serves the residents of Margate, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Tamarac, Parkland and West Boca. Please call us at 954-586-8088 to schedule an herbal consult.

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