How Does Chiropractic Work

How does chiropractic work?

If you have been to a chiropractor before then you realize the benefits, especially when your back or neck is hurting. But if you have never tried chiropractic before then you might be wondering how it works and how you might benefit from it. We will attempt to answer that question in the next few paragraphs…

I’d like you to think about your body for the next few minutes and the way everything is supposed to work. Would you agree that your brain is the master control organ for the rest of your body, and if so, without your brain, nothing works, right?

So, how does your brain communicate with the rest of your body? Actually, your brain communicates in a few different ways, but basically it comes down to electric signals generated in your brain and sent out over your network of nerves.

Nerves carry these electric signals to all of the organs, tissues, and cells in your body: it’s how all our body parts communicate with one another.

What do you think would happen if something interfered with the information transfer routes used by your brain to communicate with your body? Your body function would be affected. Nerve tissue, by its very nature is sensitive, that’s how it carries these impulses. Anything that causes pressure on a nerve causes the tissue to become irritated and inflamed.

Even very mild pressure will create a change to the tissue and in so doing cause a change in the way your nerves conduct electrical impulses. This change affects the information that is transmitted by the nerve, and ultimately affects the end organ or the place that the nerve is delivering its message. The brain maintains each tissue in existence by sending a base number of impulses each second to the tissue. These impulses instruct the tissues to behave in specific patterns.

For example, if the brain normally sends 1000 impulses per second to the tissues of the stomach, this information gets the stomach to produce stomach acid in a particular quantity and quality. If the nerve tissue gets irritated and sends 20,000 impulses per second to the stomach the stomach then produces more and stronger acid than normal and your get 1) ulcers, 2) gastric reflux, 3) gas, bloating, belching.

Does this make sense?

So where does a chiropractic alignment come in to play? Getting your vertebrae aligned prevents them from pinching nerves, causing inflammation, and ultimately organ or body dysfunction.

When your Chiropractor is adjusting your spine, he/she is really “normalizing your nerve energy” and permitting the communication from your brain to the tissues of your body to be as it was intended. This helps to keep your body functioning normally.

A healthy “normal” body will be capable of functioning at a higher peak level, which can affect your moods, your physical and emotional sense of well-being.

And of course, if you’re in pain, a chiropractic adjustment will alleviate pain, inflammation and spasm in as little as one or two treatments for most acute conditions.

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