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Foot and Hand Reflexology Massage in Margate Florida Reflexology is a popular alternative therapy that is part of holistic medicine. It is the practice of manipulating reflex areas on the feet and hands that correspond to specific organs, glands and functions in the body. Manipulating these reflex points can facilitate the healing process.

Reflexology can also be utilized as a means of diagnosis. By testing the various reflexes on the foot, it is believed that the degree of tenderness will give an accurate reading of any organ or area that is in a state of disorder.

How does reflexology work? Reflexology works as the pressure techniques applied to the feet or hands interact as a part of the body’s nervous system creating: relaxation, improved circulation, exercise of the nervous system and the benefits of touch.

History of reflexology - Around the world and throughout history, reflexology has been rediscovered time and time again. Archeological evidence points to ancient reflexology medical practices in Egypt (2330 BCE), China (2704 BCE) and Japan (690 CE).

In the West, the concept of reflexology began to emerge in the 19th century with European and Russian research into the nervous system and reflex- think Pavlov. Reflex therapies were created as medical practices but were soon eclipsed by use of surgery and drugs. The ideas of reflex use for health improvement were carried on sporadically and brought to American in 1909 by Dr. William Fitzgerald, an eye-ear and nose specialist from Connecticut. Physiotherapist Eunice Ingham is credited with developing a system of reflex areas by 1938.

In the East, ancient Chinese techniques were rediscovered in the 1980′s and have spread throughout Asia creating today’s reflexology-rich environment with reflexology paths in parks and a thriving reflexology industry of practitioners, businesses and research.

Some of the benefits of reflexology include…

  • Relaxation – studies using EEG brain activity confirm this
  • Reduction of pain
  • Detoxification
  • Increases circulation of blood and lymph fluids
  • Benefits mental health: Research demonstrates that reflexology can reduce depression (11 studies) and anxiety (9 studies).
  • Impact on physiological measures (e. g. blood pressure and cholesterol; measurements by ECG, EEG, and fMRI)
  • Serves as preventative health care
  • Provides a non-invasive therapy helpful for chronic or acute conditions that may be contraindicated for other methods of therapy
  • Eases pregnancy, delivery and post-partum effects: Women who received reflexology experienced shorter labor times and used less analgesia. In addition, reflexology showed a positive impact on postpartum depression, anxiety, urination and bowel movements.
  • Aids post-operative recovery: Reflexology work aids recovery after surgery as shown by several studies, reducing pain and lessening the use of post operative analgesics.

In general terms, the benefits of reflexology have to do with the reduction of stress. Because the feet and hands help set the tension level for the rest of the body, they are an easy way to interrupt the stress signal and reset homeostasis, the body’s equilibrium.

So there you see many of the great benefits of Hand and Foot Reflexology. Why not give it a try? It is a soothing, relaxing experience with a myriad of health blessings. Our beautiful new wellness center is located in Margate and within minutes of Coconut Creek and Coral Springs Florida. Call us at 954-586-8088 to schedule a free consultation today.