Dr. Lorri Beauchamp, Coconut Creek AcupuncturistDr Lorri Beauchamp is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Medicine, and Integrative Fertility Specialist. Although she treats many ailments such as pain management and chronic conditions, her true focus is reproductive health including gynecology, obstetrics, and fertility disorders.

Dr. Lorri is a mid-west girl and grew up near the coast of Lake Michigan. As a teenager, she was prone to adventure and began to travel. While overseas, she became seriously ill. She returned to the United states where her illness remained an unexplained mystery.

A combination of desperation and serendipity led her to acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Within weeks she began to improve and continued to do so over the next two years as she continued as a disciple to this new philosophy of medicine. In her own words, “After two years I was healthier than I ever remembered being. This odd, foreign medicine healed me and opened a world of possibilities I had never previously imagined.”

Dr. Lorri received her Bachelors of Science in Nutrition and, eventually, Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine from the graduate program at Midwest College in Oriental College in Chicago, Illinois. Through years of intense study and long clinical hours at the college’s free healthcare clinic in downtown Chicago, she discovered she had a platform for treating and educating women about their health and reproductive issues through nutrition, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal therapy.

Post-college, she successfully launched a general practice with soon became a busy clinic focused on pediatrics and women’s health. Quickly she had the good fortune of being invited to practice in several highly successful fertility acupuncture centers. In the past decade Dr. Lorri has practiced in the greater Chicago and Miami areas. Although treating pain, anxiety, migraines and as well as other conditions, ABORM (American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine) certification allowed her to engage with medical centers and hospitals on a professional level.

In her words, “It was a pathway that me guided me closer my vision of integrative women’s health and fertility.” Through her office, hospital, and frequent homebirth visits she quickly became aware of the need for personalized care through more listening, less talking, and great mentorship from those far more experienced than herself. She was quickly educated in functional medicine and found mentors who practiced both allopathic and “natural” medicine, one physician who specialized in auto immune, one in general medicine, and one in gynecology. “It was the perfect marriage of what I needed when I needed it.”

Dr. Lorri quickly began researching, educating and implementing her diverse knowledge base to help patients who previously thought they had no answers. Answers and solutions are always her goal.

“I don’t use the word unexplained (as in unexplained infertility) with my patients. I use the word unknown. Let’s try to find what this unknown component is, and let’s make it known. Then we solve it.

Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and nutrition are extremely effective on its own, but it also works safely and quickly in conjunction with Functional and Western medicine. I believe the future of medicine will be the merging of many different systems of medicine for the optimal health of all people.

My primary goal is to educate people much like you and help us gain control and feel confident with our own health decisions. In addition to western medicine, there are many safe and effective treatment alternatives available for your health issues. We can explore those options together, as a team, and find the most suitable treatments for your distinct situation.

I understand that each patient is an individual with a unique set of circumstances that led them to their current state of health. Together we can explore the circumstances and appropriate treatment options for you and your family.”

In good health,

Dr. Lorri Beauchamp, DOM

You can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Lorri Beauchamp by calling 954-586-2273