HCG-before-and-after-picsThe HCG Diet is an effective way to lose up to one pound of body fat per day. That means you can potentially lose thirty (30) pounds in thirty (30) days. You will also not feel hungry and have a ton of energy!

This sounds too good to be true but it isn’t. This is the HCG Diet!

By no means is this a magic weight loss pill! This HCG Diet program takes some self-discipline to achieve success, and though it is not easy, it seems to be the easiest, safest and most successful weight loss program out there in our opinion. And more good news…We are currently offering a special low price for a 30 day supply of HCG pills or injections.  Our medically supervised HCG program utilizes the most potent HCG pills and injectables on the market.

What’s great about the HCG Diet and Weight Loss program is that it rebalances your metabolism so it is much easier to keep the weight off once you complete the diet. Also, once you have completed the 30 day program and have rebalanced your metabolism, you can enjoy many delicious foods in moderation. Another great part of the program is that we teach you how to eat right. When you come in for weekly weigh ins, we sit with you, one on one, to discuss adjustments that can be made to your current lifestyle and dietary habits that can help you keep all the weight off that you will lose over the course of this program.

What’s better than that? Not only will you lose a pound of fat per day until you reach your goal weight, but you will also learn how to eat right once you finish your HCG diet. This program is supervised by Matthew C. Popkin M.D. and facilitated by our certified clinical nutritionist, Dr. Abraham Freeman.

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HCG Diet Targets the Excess Stored Fat!

There have been numerous studies done outlining the benefits of caloric restriction to overall health; of particular importance were adaptive changes within the endocrine system that serve to maintain healthier blood sugar levels; resulting in a decline in pathologies, and an increase in life span.

It is also important to note that with our HCG Diet program is that when you have dropped 20 pounds, you have probably lost 20 pounds of abnormal fat. Whereas with other diets, when you lose 20 lbs. you could be losing 10 pounds of lean body mass, 5 pounds of good fat reserves, and 5 pounds of abnormal fat. So half the weight you lose will be good weight that you wouldn’t want to lose. That is what’s so great about this diet. It targets only the abnormal fat.

That’s RIGHT! Lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days with the HCG Diet!

Everyone is different, and everyone will have different results. Some people will lose 9 lbs. their first week and only 4 lbs. their second week; while others will lose 4 lbs. both week one, and week two. Do not get discouraged. Everyone slows down at some point and may even hit a plateau. By following the specific HCG Weight Loss program that we will outline for you, you will lose weight safely and rapidly from the areas that contain stored fat, and you will not only lose pounds but more importantly inches and dress (or pants) sizes.

Basically the body has three types of fat:

Structural – necessary to give support to organs (you want to keep this)
Normal – a reserve of fuel, which the body can freely draw upon, when the nutritional income from the intestinal tract is insufficient
Excess/stored fat – unwanted, unsightly, and dangerous

It is this stored fat that the HCG Diet targets!

Unlike other “diets”, this program reshapes and re-sculpts the body by releasing the excess/stored fat deposits on your body. If you follow this program correctly and faithfully, this unique process will reset your hypothalamus and metabolism potentially making your results sustainable!

Do as much “cardio” exercise as you want but do not bother trying to build muscle or “bulk up”. It will not work. You will only be unnecessarily fatigued. But you do not have to exercise on this program. You will lose enough weight without exercising and you can always restart your exercise program once you complete the HCG Weight Loss program.

Frequently Asked Questions about HCG

Q. What is HCG?

A. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is a polypeptide protein that exists in every tissue of the human body in tiny amounts.

Q. Can it be harmful?

A. No. During pregnancy it is produced daily in a quantity hundreds of thousands of times the amount you will be using with this protocol. It harms neither the mother nor the child. In fact it is a natural mechanism that is produced to protect the baby. In the case of a pregnant woman that does not get proper nutrition or is hungry the HCG will pull calories and nutrition from her abnormal fat to feed the baby. In this same way it will feed you 2000 calories from your fat; therefore you should not be hungry on this program even though you are only eating approximately 500 calories!

Q. I’m vegetarian or Vegan. can I still do this diet?

A. Yes, however usually vegetarians do not do as well on this program/protocol. They will enjoy success but not as much as meat eaters.

Q. When do I begin taking the HCG?

A. You start at the beginning of day one. It is preferable to take the HCG at the same time every morning upon rising, give or take an hour.

Q. If I just eat 500 calories per day won’t I lose weight anyway?

A. Contrary to popular belief if you follow a 500 calorie-a-day diet, you will lose weight anyway, however you will not lose the same weight in the same way as you do with HCG. Your goal is to lose ONLY fat, not just weight. Following a 500 calorie per day diet will leave you fatigued and irritable, and within a few days you will start to retain water due to being “protein deficient”. Without the HCG, you will lose both fat and muscle just as if you were on any “normal” diet. If you don’t believe us, please try a 500 calorie-a-day diet without the HCG. Also remember you are getting 2000 calories from your fat each day which is why you will not be hungry, even though you are following a low calorie diet.

Some people will have a tough first few days depending on how “clean” your diet and lifestyle were previous to starting this program/protocol. Some people will suffer from “withdrawal effects”. Plateaus are normal with this program. It usually presents in a stair step fashion with a consistent large drop in weight followed by a slight plateau, or a slower loss for a few days. Typically one significant plateau occurs in the second half of the program/protocol that can last 4-6 days. This is normal and will resolve itself in time so do not be concerned. Your body will continue to reshape itself even during a plateau. Don’t get hung up on the scales, inches are even more important and you will also be losing a lot of inches, even during plateaus. If a plateau does occur, a way to break it is to have an “apple day”. On your apple day you drink a minimum of one ounce of water per pound of body weight during the day and eat slices of apples throughout the day. (maximum of six apples) That night have steak and a tomato. (If you don’t like steak you can have chicken breast.) The apple day usually resolves the plateau and weight loss occurs the following morning.

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We are here to support you and answer any questions you may have. This program WILL work for you if you work the program exactly as recommended. We have seen way too many success cases with people who have done fantastically with this program, but who have had no success with any other diet program.

So now you know about the diet, what are you waiting for? Please call us at 954-586-8088 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about this diet. Our Wellness Center is devoted to bringing optimal health to our patients. We serve the communities of Margate, Coral Springs, Coconut Creek, Parkland, Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach.

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